• I used the custom link solution on the menu bar, it works but the challenge is to toggle the login so that it can read logout for the logged in user.

    • The best solution is the use of buddypress plugin. The custom link solution involves a static label that will require some programming to toggle the login button.

    • Oh yes that’s true, using the custom link solution works to send us to the login page but after that you need to settle the case of toggling the button to show “logout” when users are logged in. And doing that manually would call for some javascript or even some simple css hack. Anyway to much work for what you need…
      On the other hand using the buddypress we have all those case scenarios settled. So yeah, i think that should knock it out.

      • Thanks Lima for your help. After testing buddypress login, bbpress login and login with ajax, I finally used login with ajax. This forum can be very useful when we get used to it. How do I create a new discussion in this forum in case I have some issue to throw to our community.

        • Glad to help Ayenan!
          As for creating a group it’s simple, just hover your profile name or pic on the top right of the screen, hover to “groups” in the options list and click on “Create a Group”. In the next page all you need to do is follow the instructions and fill the form to create a group by adding the group name and description. When the group is created you need to invite users to the group so that they can access it. I think i will create a more detailed thread on how to create groups later on.